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Thuis / BLOG / The History, Werkend principe, Voordelen, Stappen, Who Needs it, and Application Industries of the Colonic Machine

The History, Werkend principe, Voordelen, Stappen, Who Needs it, and Application Industries of the Colonic Machine

The History, Werkend principe, Voordelen, Stappen, Who Needs it, and Application Industries of the Colonic Machine


The colonic machine, also known as a colon hydrotherapy machine, is a health tool primarily used to cleanse the colon. It is a valuable ally in modern medicine and has been used for centuries to improve overall health. It is an excellent way to increase your overall well-being without invasive surgery or medication.


The history of the colonic machine dates back to Ancient Greece. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, first suggested the practice of flushing the colon. This was accomplished by diluting a mixture of olive oil and water and then using it as an enema. In the 19th century, the invention of rubber tubing allowed the practice to be more widespread. Then in the 20th century, machines were developed that made the practice more efficient and hygienic.

Werkend principe

The colonic machine is designed to pump warm water into the colon through a small tube. The water pressure breaks down fecal matter and washes it away. In addition to water, some machines use herbal extracts or probiotics to help cleanse the colon. The entire process is done in a controlled environment by a qualified professional. The machine and all of its components are sterilized between uses to ensure cleanliness and safety.


• Better digestion and nutrient absorption

  • • Improved energy levels
  • • Reduced bloating and gas
  • • Better immune system function
  • • Improved mental clarity
  • • Reduced risk of colon cancer


1. Before the procedure, the patient will fill out a health questionnaire and discuss any concerns with the therapist.

2. The patient will then lie on a table and have a small tube inserted into the rectum.

3. Warm water is then pumped into the colon through the tube.

4. The water pressure breaks down fecal matter and washes it away while also hydrating the colon.

5. The therapist will massage the patient’s abdomen to help the water flow through the colon.

6. The entire procedure takes around 45-60 minutes.

7. Afterward, the patient will feel relieved and energized.

Waarom colonhydrotherapie nodig

Wie heeft het nodig?

Anyone can benefit from a colonic machine, especially those who experience digestive issues. The procedure can benefit anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from constipation, chronic fatigue, or skin problems.


The colonic machine is commonly used in the following industries:

1. Gezondheids- en welzijnscentra

2. Spas and clinics

3. Medical offices

4. Fitnesscentra

5. Massage therapy centers

6. Natuurgeneeskundige klinieken

7. Functional medicine practices

8. Gastroenterology practices

9. Holistic health centers


The colonic machine is a safe and effective tool for anyone looking to improve their overall health. By cleansing the colon, it can reduce digestive issues and improve overall well-being. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from constipation, chronic fatigue, or skin problems. Consider adding this valuable health tool to your routine to achieve optimal wellness.

Waarom colonhydrotherapie nodig Waarom colonhydrotherapie nodig Waarom colonhydrotherapie nodig

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