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Colonic Machine for Better Health


What happens physically during a colonic session?


After lying on a comfortable massage table, a disposable tube is opened in front of you. The therapist instructs the client to inhale and exhale. On the exhale, their own breath will be drawn into the lubricated speculum with the tapered end. This takes about 10 breaths. The speculum is then attached to the clear tube, which is attached to the viewing window (like a TV with a glass tube inside, called aclosed system”). Everything is sealed. There is no mess, smoke or embarrassment. The client is covered with a blanket and given a comfortable pillow. The patient can comfortably observe what is being expelled while the therapist explains the meaning of stool consistency.

The machine has a viewing tube with special lighting that allows you and the therapist to check the condition of your body. This provides an opportunity for you to discuss what is happening and ask any questions you may have about what you are seeing.

A session usually lasts 60 minutes and the colon therapist will inject 5 naar 20 gallons of filtered water into your colon. Only as much water as feels comfortable to you will be injected during the session. Once you feel full, tell the therapist and let the water out. Your colon empties into the drainage tube and carries the fecal and toxic material and parasites that have been expelled. This filling and emptying, as well as abdominal massage, continues throughout the session.

Unlike laxatives that weaken the colon muscles over time, colonics promote the natural contractions (peristalsis) of the colon.

Once you and your therapist are done at the machine, you will sit on the toilet to release any remaining waste.

How will I feel during colonics?

For most people, it is natural to be nervous the first time, but after that the session becomes easy and relaxing. Many clients may even take a nap during the session. As an intuitive healer, Rysia can help you channel your thoughts and relax your mind and body to release the physical, emotional and mental waste that is being inflicted on your body.

Clients with more severe colon problems may experience more intense sessions (sometimes including cramping). But don’t worry, this is an indication that your colon is responding to the treatment and the next sessions are usually significantly better.

How long do sessions last?

Colon therapy usually takes between one hour and one and a half hours, depending on the situation.

Is there any pain?

No. You may have some cramping when your colon is filled with water. Your therapist uses this prompt to empty your colon and help you empty it. Good communication with the therapist makes it a painless experience. When someone is uncomfortable, I massage their abdomen, or slow down the water flow, or sit them on the toilet. One of the main tasks of the visitor is to tell me when he or she is feeling full. At that point, I will expel the water that has built up in the colon. Terwijl het water vrijkomt, so is the stool.

Will colitis help me lose weight?

Excuse me, does feces have weight? The answer is yes, so it depends on how much we release. Many people can carry more than 10-50 pounds of feces in their intestines. After colonics, clients report feeling lighter and less bloated. Results vary from person to person. If you carry a lot of fat, the colon cannot release it. Fat must be burned through diet and exercise modifications.

Will one session completely empty my colon?

Of course not. It is written in much of the literature that many of us can carry 10 or more pounds of affected feces in our colon. This is a hardened, rubbery material that has been baking in your 98 degree body for years and must be worked extensively to remove it. The recommended number of sessions will depend on your release method. This will depend greatly on your current condition and should be discussed with your therapist.

Colonic Machine for Better Health

How often should I have a colon exam?

This depends on the expected outcome and severity of the problem. For most people, regular colon cleansing is a very healthy and preventative option. Your therapist will tell you approximately how many sessions you will need after your first session, and this may change over time as thepipelinebegins to flow.

Do I need to be near a toilet all day after colitis?

No, this is not a concern. When you go to the bathroom after letting go, your anus will close. The same thing happens after colitis.

How will I feel when I’m done?

Depends on the version. Most people feel relieved about the gas and waste. Clients report feeling more relaxed, happier, and sexy (men beware!)

Is there ever a time when I shouldn’t have colitis?

Yes! When you are afraid of feeling good.

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